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Enamel Pin - Tomato Pincushion


Tomato Pincushion - Enamel Pin

Inspired by my love of all vintage pincushions, but especially my favorite little tomato found at a flea market years ago.
Each pin is made from what is called hard enamel which means that it is smooth and the colors are baked in with a
metal outline around the outside of each shape. The Vintage Tomato Pincushion pin has a gold finish around the outside, signature Fig Tree colors, a few pins on the top, a little flower embellishment and a tiny ever strawberry off to the side.

Won't you join us in our enamel pin addiction? Adorn yourself, your bags, your bulletin boards and a
hundred other places with these adorable vintage inspired enamel pins!
Looks good enough to use!
This pin is 1 1/4" wide and comes with a backing, on a cardboard card.
This pin is a part of the Vintage Sewing collection which also includes the Vintage Sewing Machine and the Retro Scissors.

by Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree Quilts