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Webbing - 1 1/2" Striped - Lime and Truquoise - Tula Pink


Webbing - 1 1/2" Striped - Lime and Turquoise - Tula Pink
1 1/2" wide striped nylon webbing by Renaissance Ribbon is yarn-dyed
with woven construction, adding elegance, durability, and a professional look to any bag.
Tula Pink's stunning colors and exceptional quality make this webbing stand out.

Perfect for bag making, as webbing helps to create straps in a fraction of the
time it takes to make fabric straps plus
strength and the opportunity for fun embellishments.

After cutting your webbing to length use fray check on the ends to prevent fraying
or hold the ends near a flame for a second or two being careful not to burn yourself.

Easily sewn with a Universal needle on a home sewing machine.