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Kim Kight - Cotton + Steel

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Kimberly Kight spent a lot of time as a child at the heels of her mom and grandma, shopping for fabric in the aisles of JC Penny and the like. Though she doesn't remember sewing on her own as a child, when she received a sewing machine as a gift in 2001, she was able to thread it without thinking about it. A layoff led to a sewing hobby that led to an interest in fabric. She started the blog True Up in 2008, right as a new era of fabric design was beginning to emerge. In 2011, her first book, A Field Guide to Fabric Design, was published. An avid collector of vintage fabric, she wants to bring her very favorite prints from the past back for a new generation of sewers to enjoy. Kim lives in the Hill Country just outside of Austin, TX with her husband and two sons.


Rotary Club

Snap to Grid by Kim Kight for Cotton + Steel

Welsummer by Kim Kight for Cotton + Steel


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