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Dan Morris

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Since 1994 Dan Morris has been creating innovative, original art for a broad array of industries. From T-shirts for the Grateful Dead, 1960’s inspired peace stickers, and celestial calendars, to more traditional home and gift markets, Dan has a wide range of eclectic artwork spanning almost every artistic theme. From his diverse clientele, Dan has developed a wide-ranging portfolio of art styles which today can be seen on hundreds of different products at major retailers throughout the country. Fabric, home decor, ceramics, stationery collections, and novelty products are just a few product categories Dan's art is featured on. Dan's sun and moon calendars have been perennial best sellers, and his hundreds of fabric collections are popular in quilting, crafting and manufacturing markets for over 15 years. Visit to learn more.


Bohemian Rhapsody by Dan Morris for Quilting Treasures

Must Love Dogs by Dan Morris for Quilting Treasures

Southwest Soul by Dan Morris for Quilting Treasures

Timberland Trail by Dan Morris for Quilting Treasures