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Small Wonders - Pattern Book by Serena Boffa Soda


Peek inside the teeny-tiny world of Italian quiltmaker Serena Boffa Soda, a place where petite pleasures abound! Study these sweet quilts with their fast-to-fuse appliques (we promise!) and you'll discover delightful details upon a closer look:

* Thumbnail-high houses complete with doors and windows
* Itty-bitty pumpkins ready to harvest
* Mini sheep grazing in a mini meadow
* Laundry hung on a pint-size clothesline
* Birds the size of sunflower seeds taking flight

Only basic sewing and embroidery skills are needed, and these pages are packed with how-to for every step (so don't sweat the small stuff!). As you stitch, you'll learn what Serena knows to be true: it's the little things that make all the difference.