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Jen Kingwell Club - 2022

This year, instructor Cami Stringham will lead our group. We have a new block of the month coming in January based on the Dear Jen pattern booklet that will be our focus project. It?s a challenging pattern that will be a lot of fun to work on together! Whether you make our project of the year, or work on a different Jen Kingwell project, you are sure to learn new tips and tricks in quilting.

The Bag Makers - The Sew Together Bag

January's Bag - The Sew Together Bag by Sew Demented

Sisterhood of Scraps Society - 2022

Sisterhood of Scraps Society will be lead / taught by Kim Walus Meets at 6:00pm the 1st Thursday of Each Month

Feb 4
Retreat AH - Ashworth
Feb 5
Retreat AH - Ashworth
Feb 6
Retreat AH - Ashworth