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Longarm Quilting FAQ

What is your pricing?

Edge to Edge Quilting Starts at $.025 cents per square inch
Custom Quilting Starts at $.035 cents per square inch

Quilt trimming is included at no extra charge.

We have a minimum charge of $50.00

Example - a large lap quilt of 55" x 65" = 3,575 square inches - 3,575 x .025 = $89.38

How do you prepare A Quilt to be Quilted by a Longarm Machine?

 Quilt Top

The flatter the quilt top lays, the better it will look after quilting.

  • To help prevent wavy borders:

o   Measure left side, down the center, and right side. Cut the borders the average of these three numbers. Sew on side borders.

o   Measure across the top, through the center, and bottom. Cut your top and bottom borders the average of these three numbers.

  • Back stitching at the start and end of every seam helps prevent the seams from popping open at the edge.
  • For quilts that do not have borders, stay-stitch 1/8” from the edge of the quilt around the entire quilt. Doing this will prevent the seams from popping open at the edge. Tip – It is easier to stay-stitch on the backside of the quilt.
  • Trim all loose threads. Tip - Dark threads will show under a light background.  
  • Press the top well
  • Eliminate bulky seams where ever possible.

Quilt Back

The quilt back needs to be at least 6” wider and 6” longer than the quilt top. This gives 3” on all sides for clamps.

  • Removing the selvage from seam allowances helps the back lay flatter. The selvage has a different pull or give than the rest of the fabric. The selvage sometimes will create a tension in the quilting.
  • Press seams all the same way. Tip – Open seams create a flatter back. Seams pressed all one way create stability. This choice is up to the creator.
  • Make sure the back is well-pressed and the corners are square.

Embellishments or 3-D Elements

Quilt tops that have any embellishments or 3-D elements (prairie points, flowers, lace, etc.) need to be basted down. Please know that if the machine head catches on these items the result could be a hole in the quilt.


Who doesn’t like a soft cuddly backing on a quilt. We recommend when choosing Minky/Cuddle has the quilts back that it be as similar color as the top of the quilt. Through our experience we have learned that the long fibers of Minky/Cuddle may come back through to the top of the quilt.

My Backing is not quite 6" bigger than my top, now what?

You can baste a leader fabric to the edges of your backing or we can do that for you for a charge of $15.00 per leader.

Will you sew my backing together?

Yes, we will sew your quilt back together for $15.00 per seam.

Do you offer binding services?

Yes, we will bind your quilt for you.  We offer both machine binding $.20 per inch and hand binding $.40 per inch.

What is your pricing for shipping?

We will ship the most cost effective way possible, trying to use flat rate boxes.