Quilt Your Own Quilts

Have you always wanted to quilt your own quilts, but don't have many thousands of dollars in your pocket or a closet large enough to stuff a 12-14 foot quilt table inside when company comes over?  Don't worry, be happy.........rent ours!

Our Gammill long arm quilt machines are available for hourly rental upon completion of our long arm certification class.  Rental is $15.00 per hour which includes thread and the use of our pantograph patterns.   Of course you may choose free motion quilting instead and it still includes the thread.  :-)

Long Arm Quilting Classes and Certification

                         NEW AND IMPROVED!!!

                                     LONG ARM QUILTING CLASSES

The Quilter's Lodge is EXCITED to offer Long Arm Quilting classes. 

This 2 hour, one on one certification class will teach you the basics of free motion quilting and pantograph quilting. We also teach you all about the machine, how to clean it and set it up, tension control, and loading the quilt on the frame. After you complete this certification class you are welcome to rent our long arm quilting machines for $15 per hour for any of your future quilting projects.

Certification classes are $120.00 for 2 - 21/2 hours and scheduled at your convenience.  The class fee includes all supplies, fabrics and batting for your learning/practice quilt.